Franklin® ISP Real-Time PCR Thermocycler


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The Biomeme Franklin® ISP Real-Time PCR Thermocycler transforms your smartphone into a thermocycler with Integrated Sample Prep for real-time PCR. The time to result is ~60 minutes depending on the specific test protocol. Our mobile Franklin® ISP Thermocycler automatically extracts and purifies nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) from crude liquid samples and then detects and differntiates up to 27 targets in 1 sample. At just over 4 lbs, the hand-held and internally-battery operated system provides maximum portability as needed.

Each order includes the following:

Item Description Quantity
Waterproof Case Heavy duty carrying case that includes a unique Press and Pull latch that locks automatically, but opens with a light touch. 1
Android Smartphone w/ Biomeme Go App Pre-Installed Controller for Franklin® ISP Thermocycler. 1
Franklin® ISP Thermocycler Thermocycler with integrated sample prep enabling mutiplex real-time target detection and differntiation. 1
Smartphone Charger For charging Android smartphone. 1
Thermocycler Charger For charging Franklin® ISP Thermocycler. 1
USB Transfer Cables For wired data transfer. 1


  • Field Ready - Decentralize your lab on the go and in the field. Runs on internal rechargable battery (100 - 240V AC)

  • Ultra-Portable Design - Company, lightweight, and optimized to enable a full day's work in the field on a single charge. Full automation minimizes user steps.

    • Weight: 4.2 lbs (1.9 kg)

    • Dimensions: 7.4 x 4.6 x 5.2 in (18.8 x 11.7 x 13.2 cm)

  • Gold Standard Performance - Performs lab-quality confirmatory identification at the point of need but requires no laboratory equipment or special experience to use.

  • Rapid Results - Sample-to-answer in 30-60 minutes depending on the test.

Regulatory Statement

For Research Use Only (RUO). Not for use in human or veterinary diagnostics.

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