Pre-Filter Pack (1μm, 50μm, or 300μm)


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The Biomeme Pre-Filter Pack consists of (100) 1mL syringes and (100) syringe driven pre-filters. Choose from 1, 50 and 300 μm (micrometer) filters to meet your application needs or a Variety Pack.

In general, if your sample prep column clogs, we recommend using a finer pre-filter pore size. If the pre-filter clogs, we recommend using a larger pre-filter pore size. You can also use these pre-filters in succession (i.e. stepping down).

  • 1μm: typically used for fine particulates (e.g. silty water, homogenized soil)

  • 50μm: typically used with eDNA samples (depends on the body of water being sampled)

  • 300μm: typically used for fibrous homogenates (e.g. leaves, plant matter)

If you are still struggling to determine which pre-filter is best for your use case, you can email

To use the column filters, draw your liquid sample into the provided 1 mL syringe, install the pre-filter onto the syringe tip’s luer lock, and then slowly push down on the syringe plunger to filter your sample into the punctured hole of your Biomeme M1 Sample Prep Cartridge.

Regulatory Statement

For Research Use Only (RUO). Not for use in human or veterinary diagnostics.


If you have any other questions, check out to learn more.

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