Flocked Specimen Collection Swabs (100/pk)


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Flocked Specimen Collection Swabs optimize specimen collection and elution into transport media typically for oral, nose, and throat samples. The swabs feature a breakpoint that allows you to safely and easily break off the swabstick to insert into Biomeme’s DNA/RNA Preservation Buffer or a third party transport tube.

Each order includes:

Item Quantity
Flocked Specimen Collection Swabs 100


  • Draw up the maximum amount of liquid sample.

  • Collect and transfer both solid and semi-solid materials.

  • Rapid elution - when placed in liquid or onto solid media, they spontaneously drain.

  • Maximizes patient comfort.

Regulatory Statement

For Research Use Only (RUO). Not for use in human or veterinary diagnostics.


If you have any other questions, check out help.biomeme.com to learn more.