Custom Go-Strip™

Through this tool you can create your own custom assays using Biomeme's high-performance LyoGreen, LyoDNA, and LyoRNA master mixes in our field-friendly 3-well Go-Strip™ format designed for use in Biomeme's mobile PCR thermocyclers.

We synthesize your custom primers and probes, pre-aliquot them into our master mixes, and lyophilize them in Go-Strips™. No more lugging around coolers, wondering if your reagents went bad, no aliquoting and mixing of components in the field. Just add your purified nucleic acid and get testing.

Let's get your assays out of the freezer and into the field!

If you would like Biomeme to design an assay for you, Contact Us.

How it works

  • Step One

    Complete Go-Strip™ Configurator form

  • Step Two

    Biomeme will manufacture your assay

  • Step Three

    Explore the biological world!

Have questions on how to configure your custom Go-Strip™?

Read our quick primer on the most common approaches taken when laying out field tests to be run on either the Biomeme two3 or the three9 mobile thermocycler.

Let's get started

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