M1 Sample Prep

Biomeme M1 Sample Prep Kit for RNA

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$ 450.00


The Biomeme M1 Sample Prep Kit for RNA is for use with swabs and low volume liquid samples such as whole blood and transport media. This field kit gives you the convenience to directly add your specific sample type into pre-aliquoted, disposable buffers. The kit contains 150 pre-aliquoted buffers (BLB, BPW, BWB, BDW, BEB) in color coded 2 mL screw cap tubes as well as 30 of Biomeme's M1 Sample Preps.

Biomeme's M1 Sample Prep extracts RNA from most sample types in less than 1 minute, requires no special lab equipment (pipettes, vortexers, centrifuges, heat blocks, refrigerator) or training, and produces high quality nucleic acids for use with Biomeme Go-Strips or other downstream applications, such as 3rd party PCR, isothermal, and sequencing.

We recommend purchasing our 20uL Exact Volume Pipette Pack accessory to transfer your eluate into PCR reactions.

For the freedom to optimize for your specific sample type by adjusting the buffer volumes and concentrations, please see Biomeme M1 Bulk Sample Prep Kit for RNA, which contains 5 buffers (BLB, BPW, BWB, BDW, BEB) in bulk 60 mL bottles.