M1 Sample Prep Column Replacement Pack

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$ 225.00


The Biomeme M1 Sample Prep Column Replacement Pack contains 30x single-use 1 mL syringes and 30x Biomeme sample prep columns that are individually packaged for use with Biomeme DNA and RNA sample prep buffers.

Biomeme's proprietary M1 sample prep technology extracts DNA or RNA from most sample types in less than 1 minute, requires no special lab equipment (vortexers, centrifuges, heat blocks, refrigerator) or training, and produces high quality nucleic acids for use with Biomeme Go-Strips or other downstream applications, such as 3rd party PCR, isothermal, and sequencing.

For convenient field sample prep, please see Biomeme's M1 Sample Prep Kit, which contain disposable pre-aliquoted buffers for ease of use.