LyoGreen® 2.0 Master Mix


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Biomeme LyoGreen® 2.0 Master Mix is formulated for use in real-time PCR and High-Resolution Melt assays and provides 1.5 mM Mg++ in a final reaction mix. Our mix contains BRYT Green dye from Promega (a saturating intercalating dye that is non-toxic and non-inhibitory to PCR) as well as a Hot-Start Taq polymerase alongside a proprietary blend of stabilizers and dUTP mix. LyoGreen is shelf-stable for up to two years.

Each order includes the following:

Item Description Quantity
LyoGreen® 2.0 Master Mix Bulk Vial Each bulk vial contains enough master mix for (65) 20µL reactions. 1

Start with this lyophilized product to bring your lab-developed assay that much closer to a shelf-stable field solution.

Regulatory Statement

For Research Use Only (RUO). Not for use in human or veterinary diagnostics.


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