M1 Sample Prep

Biomeme M1 Sample Prep Kit for eDNA

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$ 450.00


The Biomeme M1 Sample Prep Kit for eDNA is for use with eDNA filters. Everything you need to extract your eDNA sample is included and pre-aliquoted. The kit contains 30 Biomeme M1 eDNA Filter Lysis Buffer Tubes and an additional 120 buffers (BPW, BWB, BDW, BEB) in color coded 2 mL screw cap tubes as well as 30 of Biomeme's M1 Sample Preps.

Biomeme's M1 Sample Prep extracts eDNA in less than 1 minute, requires no special lab equipment (pipettes, vortexers, centrifuges, heat blocks, refrigerator) or training, and produces high quality nucleic acids for use with Biomeme Go-Strips or other downstream applications, such as 3rd party PCR, isothermal, and sequencing.

We recommend purchasing our 20uL Exact Volume Pipette Pack accessory to transfer your eluate into PCR reactions.