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LyoDNA + IPC Master Mix

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$ 125.00


Biomeme LyoDNA + IPC Master Mix contains Biomeme's internal positive control (IPC) and lyophilized DNA master mix. The Biomeme IPC is in the Red channel at a 500GE concentration. Users are able to add in their own assay(s) labeled with FAM and/or TexasRedX in the Green and Amber channels respectively. LyoDNA + IPC Master Mix is shelf-stable for up to two years.

Using the drop-down menu above, you may choose from 2 different form factors:

  • Bulk Vial: Each order consists of 1 bulk vial containing enough master mix for 60x 20µL reactions.
  • Go-Strip: Each order consists of a single pouch containing 10 individually packaged and pre-aliquoted 3-well Go-Strips. Each well contains a 20µL lyophilized reaction.

Start with this lyophilized product to bring your lab-developed assay that much closer to a shelf-stable field solution.

96-well plates and are not designed for use in Biomeme's portable PCR devices.