LyoDNA 3-Well Strips (pack of 10)

$ 119.00
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Made in the lab. Designed for the field.

LyoDNA Strips contain our field-ready lyophilized DNA master mix contained inside our 3-well strips with wax. Each order is for 10 strips.

Biomeme's 3-well strips are 0.1 mL low-profile, thin-walled plastic strips containing a wax layer to prevent reagent evaporation during thermocycling. 

LyoDNA provides 5 mM Mg++ in final reaction mix and is formulated for 5' nuclease signaling. Our mix contains Taq polymerase alongside a proprietary blend of stabilizers and dNTPs.

Formulated to 20uL reaction volumes, Biomeme's LyoDNA strips also feature individual flat caps and are suited for use in most lab-standard thermocyclers.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.