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Biomeme Custom Go-Strips

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25 Kits Minimum (250 Strips)

To get started with Biomeme's Custom Go-Strips, head over to our Custom Go-Strips Configurator.

Using our Custom Go-Strip Configurator, you can create your own custom assays using our high-performance LyoGreen, LyoDNA, and LyoRNA master mixes in our field-friendly 3-well Go-Strip™ format designed for use in Biomeme's mobile PCR thermocyclers.

We synthesize your custom primers and probes, pre-aliquot them into our master mixes, and lyophilize them in Go-Strips™. No more lugging around coolers, wondering if your reagents went bad, no aliquoting and mixing of components in the field. Just add your purified nucleic acid and get testing.

Let's get your assays out of the freezer and into the field!

For Research Use Only. Not for use in human or veterinary diagnostic procedures.